Power Standards

The Health Continuum, is always changing. You experience different levels of total health, from day to day and from year to year. (The continuum has opposite states of health and wellness at the ends with carrying degrees in between. The choices you make will influence your level of wellness. Accept the responsibility of maintaining a high level of wellness for yourself.)




  1. Healthy individuals know their strengths and weaknesses, set personal goals, and use self-discipline therefore Personal Growth and Character Education matter.

  2. Healthy individuals make wise nutritional choices and participate in regular physical activity to look and feel their best therefore Healthy Lifestyle matter.

  3. Healthy individuals think about positive and negative consequences as they ask questions,

    make decisions, and solve problems therefore Thinking and Reasoning Skills matter.

  4. Healthy individuals express their thoughts and feelings clearly, listen carefully, and respect the ideas of others therefore Communication matters.

  5. Healthy individuals know that their behavior choices affect them personally and community’s health and safety therefore Systems Thinking matters.

  6. Healthy individuals know their positive interactions with others will work for the common good to help prevent the spread of disease and substance abuse therefore Social and Civic Responsibility matters.

  7. Healthy individuals manage their own stress, can handle life’s changes, and work to cooperate with others therefore Employability matters.