Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tiger's Den?
Tiger's Den is a website for Hurricane students and their families to find Hurricane High School supporting
items for themselves and others.

Why Tiger's Den?
Tiger's Den sales only the highest quality items, and we love our Hurricane Tigers!

How much is shipping?
Shipping is normally $5.00 To add other items is only $2.00

How much is handling?
Handling is $2.00

How can I pay for my items?
Tiger's Den accepts PayPal payments only.

Is it possible for a local pickup instead of shipping?
Yes, just choose that option at checkout and pick up your order at Hurricane High School.

Where did all the images on Tiger's Den come from?
All images on Tiger's Den were originally made or found at . Credit to shopping cart goes to

Have any questions that aren't on the F.A.Q. page? Then contact us at:

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